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Strawberry Egg Whites – 1 gallon – Case of 2

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Strawberry Egg Whites – 1 gallon – Case of 2

Berry fans rejoice! With Strawberry MuscleEgg, the options for healthy delicious treats are almost endless. How does a Strawberry Banana Smoothie sound? Just throw a banana and some Strawberry MuscleEgg in a blender and Voila! Try our own recipe for strawberry angel food cake. Or just enjoy the delicious flavor of Strawberry MuscleEgg straight out of the bottle. If you’re more of a berry person than a chocolate person, this one’s for you! Important Stuff: If kept frozen, MuscleEgg is good for one year. If thawed, it needs to be consumed within 30-40 days. MuscleEgg contains zero fat, zero cholesterol, and 25g of protein per cup.

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