Fitness Equipment Maintenance & Preventative Care

“When it comes to quality, reliability, and professionalism, A.E.S. Fitness leads the way in Fitness Equipment Maintenance and Repair. Our goal is to keep your fitness equipment in full working order, to increase the lifespan of each piece. We tailor our fitness equipment maintenance plans to suit each of our clients individual needs and offer various incentives that will benefit your club and save you money in the short term and long term. Our rates are extremely competitive and our skilled, professional technicians are second to none. We service both gyms and residents in  New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

We work with you to provide ongoing preventative maintenance to ensure your fitness equipment is always running like new.”

Our Fitness Equipment Preventative Maintenance Checklist includes, but not limited too:

• Inspect and adjust running belt
• Inspect Deck for wear
• Vacuum Interior of motor compartments
• Inspect Drive Belt
• Inspect and lubricate rollers
• Check motor brushes if applicable
• Lubricate elevation motor spindle
• Diagnose errors
• Check belt mileage
• Clean Frame
• Lubricate elevation motor spindle if applicable
• Inspect and clean Rocker arm clevis shafts
• Check Flywheel
• Inspect and lubricate Drive Belt
• Diagnose Errors
• Record Usage/Hours
• Clean Frame
• Clean Drive Belts
• Grease Mono column/Mini column rollers
• Check Springs
• Check Cables
• Lubricate Chains if applicable
• Check electrical connections
• Check alternator brushes if applicable
• Diagnose Errors
• Record Usage/Hours
Exercise Bike
• Inspect Drive Belt
• Inspect Alternator Brushes
• Inspect Cranks
• Check electrical connections
• Check battery voltage
• Diagnose Errors
• Record Usage/Hours
Spin Bikes
• Clean and lubricate Flywheel
• Clean hub assembly
• Clean/lubricate, Inspect and Adjust Drive Chain/Drive belt
• Lubricate all moving components
• Lubricate bottom bracket bearings
• Lubricate all pop-in pin assemblies
• Lubricate guide rods
• Check bushings
• Tighten hardware
• Check upholstery for tears or excessive wear
• Check cables for fraying & proper tension