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Preventive Maintenance Keeps Fitness Equipment Healthy

Preventive Maintenance Keeps Fitness Equipment Healthy By Chris Keel Just as proper diet and exercise help human beings live healthier lives, preventive maintenance is the key to getting the most out of exercise equipment. Preventing service calls and keeping exercise machines running with minimal downtime requires more than just wiping down equipment and reporting malfunctioning […]

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Body Transformation: Body Fat Attack!

  by Female Transformation Of The Week Aug 30, 2013 Name: Lisa Eiselstein Email: BodySpace: lisaeiselstein   AGE 27  HEIGHT 5’2″  WEIGHT 246 lbs  BODY FAT 45% AGE 29  HEIGHT 5’2″  WEIGHT 136 lbs  BODY FAT 29%     Why I Decided to Transform At age four, I started playing soccer, tennis, and basketball. As a youth, I spent time between school, practices, and games. I loved […]

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