Cardio vs. Strength Training

When it comes to working out and beginning your journey to achieving your fitness goals, it can be challenging and overwhelming to decide on the most effective fitness plan. One question in the minds of many is, what are the pros and cons of cardio vs strength training, and which one is best to achieve my fitness goals?
What is Cardio Exercise?
Cardio (short for Cardiovascular) exercise is an activity that increases your heart and gets you breathing a little harder. Cardio can be low-intensity, like just taking a walk down the block, and can also include high-intensity workouts like running. The greater the intensity, the more calories you will burn. Cardio is basically a mixture of burning fat and also cardiovascular activity that improves overall health of the heart and increases blood flow. Decreased blood pressure also improves your memory skills and thinking ability, promoting an overall improvement in productivity. It is also said to have positive effects on the brain such as the reduction of anxiety and stress.
Cardio exercise is most often the go-to exercise for beginners as it is easy to do and has little to no side effects. It is a complete package and can be beneficial for a wide group of people who are looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle without putting in much effort.
Strength training
“Strength training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.It is focused on burning fat and building muscle to provide you with strength against injuries.While cardio exercise is a good way to burn fat at a rapid speed, strength training can actually help strengthen your body at the same time while providing you with the cardiovascular benefits as well. Strength training builds muscle and can not only prevent bone damage but can also help the body in generating new ones. It targets those parts of the body that are most prone to fractures such as your hips, ankles, spine and wrists. It puts focus on your body’s balance and power which in turn helps you prevent likely falls and trips.
It is no secret that both types of training have their respective benefits. This is why, in order for you to benefit from all of them at the same time, it is important to design a workout plan that includes both. Strength training is recommended at least 2-3 times a week. While shedding fat is important, it is also important to build muscle in order to achieve a lean body instead of just flappy skin where the fat used to be. Both styles are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle; make sure you include them both in your workout plan.

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