How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

Do you weigh yourself every day to keep track of your weight as a part of your weight-loss journey? If so, you might want to reconsider. The fact is that your weight fluctuates based on factors like the time of day, when you last ate and your fluid intake. Therefore, weighing yourself every day may not give you an accurate picture of where you are.

Read on to learn when is the best time to weigh yourself and how often you should do so.

When to get on the scales
The truth is, your weight doesn’t change overnight. Weighing yourself every day can lead to stress and hinder your weight loss progress. Everyday tracking is of no use because it doesn’t show any major changes. Some say that the unchanged number gives them the motivation to stay on track. However, being unable to see visual changes while you’re making efforts on a daily basis can actually be demotivating. To avoid this negative impact, only weigh yourself once a week. Make sure that you record your weight on the same day, at the same time every week. For example, if you weighed yourself on Friday night after dinner, always weigh yourself on Friday nights after dinner.

Move your scale
Most people usually keep their weighing scales in the bathroom as a reminder to keep track of their body mass. In order to prevent overthinking the matter, it is best if you relocate the scale. Move your scale to a room that you won’t visit multiple times every day. This will help prevent you from tracking your daily weight; out of sight, out of mind. If you worry that you’ll forget to measure your weight, you can always set a reminder on your phone or mark the day on the calendar. However, you should make every effort to keep your scale out of sight for the rest of the week.

Weighing yourself is essential for weight maintenance
Now, this isn’t the complete answer to the question, How often should you weigh yourself? A key aspect of tracking your weight is doing it just the right amount. Overdoing it can have a very negative impact but at the same time, not weighing yourself enough is bad too. Without weighing yourself, you will never be able to measure your progress on your journey of weight maintenance. You cannot put the scales away with the holiday decorations, only to be reminded to weigh yourself when it’s Christmas time. Keeping tabs on your weight is highly important and you should try to do it once every one or two weeks.

Weight isn’t everything
You’re probably worried about your weight for health purposes. Remember this: weight doesn’t define your health profile. You could be in the perfect weight range for your age and height yet, your stamina could be very weak. Similarly, you may be slightly underweight or overweight, but internally you could be the healthiest you’ve ever been. Don’t get too obsessed with numbers. Yes, do set weight goals, but at the same time, also pay attention to other aspects such as eating healthy, staying active for at least 30 minutes daily, and having regular doctor check-ups.

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