TuffStuff CSM-600 Basic Smith-Half Cage

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Product Description

The TuffStuff CSM-600 Basic Smith-Half Cage is one of the fitness products TuffStuff created to make your home workouts easier and more effective than ever before! The TuffStuff RSM-600 Basic Smith-Half Cage offers exceptional quality and design with a great variety of workout options. Featuring a free-weight half-rack, a 7-degree slant smith system with oversized aluminum bar for easy gripping, plate storage built in and a welded pull-up station, the RSM-600 is perfect for the serious lifter.

The TuffStuff CSM-600 Basic Smith-Half Cage is the base unit for the CSM-725WS Smith-Half Cage Ensemble and can be expanded into the full system at any time. So start with the Base unit CSM-600 and build it out later to the full ensemble. This incredible system is customizable to your needs now and in the future!

Features & Spec’s:
• A “proven” 7º slant Smith Press design allows a natural feel and body movement.
• Heavy weight half rack system with enclosed self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system with built-in adjustable safety stoppers.
• Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hook (Pat. Pend.) design for easy adjustability with integrated safety stoppers.
• Standard with built-in chinning bar, Olympic bar and weight plates storage.
• Dimensions: 72″L x 80″W x 84″H
• Max Weight: 600lbs


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