Star Trac Human Sport Total Legs

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Product Description

No other lower body machine can match the Human Sport Total legs for lower body training. Multiple positions target the hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and lower leg.

• Precision made, high-quality steel construction, with powder-coated-paint finish for superior durability
• European styling gives flair and good looks to the gym floor including contoured cushions for elegance and comfort
• Exclusive styling featuring a unique combination of wood and stainless steel highlights
• Unique high-tech and space-efficient design that maximizes your floor space
• High contrast placards use straight-forward language and pictures for easy-to-read instructions
• User-defined movement pattern allows a completely tailored range of movment (ROM) to fit all sizes and shapes
• One touch adjustment on all stations allows users to get on and exercise with minimal supervsion or instruction

• Hip/Quad: Hip Flexion, Hip Flex Knee Ext, Adduction
• Glute/Ham: Hip Extension, Hip Ext/Knee Flex, Abduction

• Weight stack:2 x 176 lbs ( 80 kg )
• Machine weight: 691 lbs ( 314 kg )
• Dimensions: 60″W x 37″L x 64″H ( 152cm x 94cm x 163cm)


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