Star Trac Human Sport Total Legs


Product Description

No other lower body machine can match the Human Sport Total legs for lower body training. Multiple positions target the hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and lower leg.

• Precision made, high-quality steel construction, with powder-coated-paint finish for superior durability
• European styling gives flair and good looks to the gym floor including contoured cushions for elegance and comfort
• Exclusive styling featuring a unique combination of wood and stainless steel highlights
• Unique high-tech and space-efficient design that maximizes your floor space
• High contrast placards use straight-forward language and pictures for easy-to-read instructions
• User-defined movement pattern allows a completely tailored range of movment (ROM) to fit all sizes and shapes
• One touch adjustment on all stations allows users to get on and exercise with minimal supervsion or instruction

• Hip/Quad: Hip Flexion, Hip Flex Knee Ext, Adduction
• Glute/Ham: Hip Extension, Hip Ext/Knee Flex, Abduction

• Weight stack:2 x 176 lbs ( 80 kg )
• Machine weight: 691 lbs ( 314 kg )
• Dimensions: 60″W x 37″L x 64″H ( 152cm x 94cm x 163cm)


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