What are the advantages of different Proteins in your diet and how to maximize their affects…A.E.S. Fit Tip…

Protein is an essential part of a diet. Whether you are a bodybuilder, personal trainer or a professional athlete you need to make sure you are taking in the right amount of protein each day. It really is a science. There are different protein’s that have different affects on the body. Such as Casein protein. Casein’s time-released formula allows the amino acids and protein to absorb in your stomach slowly, providing hours of repair and maintenance. Aside from getting your slow-absorbing protein hours after your workout, it’s important to get the fast acting amino acids and protein to those tired muscle tissues right after you leave the gym. There are so many different brands of Whey protein on the market. I prefer Myofusion by Gaspari Nutrition.
The main ingredient is Whey Isolate Protein as well as other amino acids creating the perfect amount of protein in each serving. To read more about the different protein’s on the market please click on the picture and be taken to an article on Bodybuilding.com…thank you!

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