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How good is your gym hygiene?

How good is your gym hygiene-

When you go to the gym do you use your own mat or water bottle? Do you bring shower flip flops? Do you wipe the gym equipment down?If you said no to any of this did you know your exposing yourself to bacteria and germs in the gym. “Bacteria, yest, and viruses can thrive in a gym environment”, says C. Rick Henriksen, M.D. Family physician at University of Utah Health Care.

It is vital to exercise gym cleanliness. This is not only for yourself and other gym members but for your family as well. You would want to avoid bring any kind of bacteria, yest or viruses home to your loved ones. This isn’t to say you should stay away from the gym but to help you be aware of gym cleanliness.

Today we will be providing eight tips on gym cleanliness.

1.Wipe down gym equipment down before and after you use it.

2.Bring your own water bottle, you want to avoid using the water fountain.

3.Cover any cuts or bruises you may have before you workout.

4.Bring your own mat or yoga mat with a towel.

5.Wipe your gym bag when leave the gym.

6.Wear shower flip flops.

7.Shower after a workout.

8.Use a towel when sitting on benches.

We hope this list of tips will help you stay health and active while at the gym. #StayFresh

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