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This item is the perfect match for any gym or your at home gym. The Star Trac E spinner RST- E spinner has many features to please anyone. This E spinner has a state of the art and high definition monitor for the best visual experience. There are pre-loaded spin classes for your pleasure. The E spinner can create over one million ride variations. The possibilities are endless, you’ll never be bored. An iPod dock is available on the E spinner for your pleasure with iPod playlist you can create. A smart release break on the E spinner for your safety and dependence. As well as a no slip grip with pop-pin height adjustments. The seat adjustments range from 25” to 37”. Feel safe on this dependable Star Trac E spinner RST-E spinner and enjoy luxury pre-loaded classes and custom music.

Here we will show you a sample custom workout on the Star Trac Espinner RST- Espinner:

Build My Workout:

Press Green Start Button and the program will begin. TV, iPod and USB entertainment modes are enabled for this workout.

Warm-Up: 1. The first 5 minutes of the workout are for the warm-up. User should review hand placement and leg position that should be used during the workout. This will prepare the user to transition into the training portion of the program. User will remain seated during the warm-up.

Training: 2. During the workout the user is able to adjust the workout level using the Up and Down arrow keys to increase or decrease overall exertion. Each time there is an increase of decrease in level the target heartrate adjusts accordingly. Additionally, the computer also rebuilds the ride based on the available workouts if the users chooses a workout level that is substantially different than the level that started the workout. For example if the user starts in level 7 and reduces the workout to level 3, the computer will recalculate the future movements and remove all the standing movements from the workout.

Cool-down: 3. The last 5 minutes of the workout are for the cool-down. This phase allows the heart rate to return to normal state. The user is seated throughout the cool-down.

(read more from the manual: http://www.afsfit.com/manuals/startracespinner.pdf)

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