In Excuses Begone! Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking patterns that prevent you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. You may know what to think but find it terribly difficult to change thinking habits that have been with you since childhood.
This business of changing habituated thinking patterns is really the business of eliminating the same old tired excuses. People are forever using excuses and defending those excuse patterns as if they were actually true. But there are no excuses worth defending ever, even if they’ve always been part of your life.

This audiobook represents Wayne’s effort to help anyone whose self-defeating thoughts are persistently present to learn how to discard those old thinking habits – and discover the infinite possibilities of life!

This audiobook has been put in my life at a crucial moment. I have had great success so far in the business world. I am so proud of how far A.E.S. Fitness has come in almost 3 years.

Although my Professional life has exceeded my expecations and I am seeing that hard work does pay off, I have not been happy. True happiness has to come from within…not dependent of another person. True happiness is what you feel when you are content being in your home alone, in your own space. The silence is your company and that is ok. I am 37 and since I started dating in my teens, I have had 3 serious monogamous relationships with 3 different women. These relationships all lasted at least 3 years, but they all came to an end for various reasons. I am a firm believer that it takes two, so I do not accept full responsibility for why these past relationships didn’t work. I am able to look deep into myself and realize my faults. I can see what I have done wrong, humble myself and apologize for my wrongful actions. Being a very sensitive person, I hold onto a lot of grief and guilt. I beat myself up everyday for things that have happened in the past, things I can not change. I constantly ask myself: “Why did you have to say that” or ” Why couldn’t you just handle the situation this way”. I feel like a victim of being in the ring with Mike Tyson, once I stop tormenting myself for a moment. It is truly exhausting and I can’t go on living like this.


I went to Barnes and Noble and stumbled across this audio book and I can really say it is changing my life. I am only on chapter 2 right now, but Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has given me hope that I can CHANGE these deep embedded habits that I have been practicing all my life. These habits and ways of thinking have plagued my life and have had deep impacts on my past relationships. As I continue to move forth and listen to the wisdom in this audio book I believe that I will be a better man, able to reframe my thoughts so I can truly feel Happiness.

If you struggle with similar issues that have had negative impacts on past relationships, I am an advocate for this audio book. It is a really great way to learn about the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind and how our Thoughts create our reality.

God bless you all with True Happiness from within!

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