A.E.S. Fitness: The Premier Fitness Solution

The title says it all. We want to be the Premier Fitness Solution. We are a SERVICE company. Our main service is Maintenance and Repair. We are so much more than that and over time we will get our message across to the masses. It takes time and patience and above all of that…determination. As we build our fan base on FaceBook and Linked In and work with our customer’s more and more we are building a brand. The A.E.S. Fitness brand is being built with heart and soul. I want this company to be an expression of who I am as a person….a hard working, honest determined man who is going to take this company straight to the top. When you come to our site we will link you to every facet of the health and fitness industry…including supplement information, healthy living tips which we call A.E.S. Fit Tips, equipment and products that we are promoting and offering on the International Fitness Supply Online Store and of course information about our company as a whole and what we offer regarding Service Calls and Maintenance and Repair on your Fitness Equipment.

We live, breathe, and sleep the Fitness industry!!! It is our passion and we love what we do! It’s not work it’s a service that we provide. At a lot of company’s you call in for service or technical assistance you get transfered to the customer service department. At A.E.S. our company as a whole is built on outstanding, going above and beyond customer service so it’s not a department here…it is our companies core!

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