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Why pay for Health Benefits, Workman’s compensation and increase your liability insurance. Why pay an hourly wage for an on site technician?

A.E.S. Fitness offers Convenience for less. Why have your manager or “On site Tech” wait on hold with the manufacturer to get a part ordered? It is a waste of Labor time and MONEY! Why have them troubleshoot a piece of equipment and be on hold with technical support in excess of an hour at times. Instead of them tinkering around trying to repair a piece of fitness equipment that they don’t have the professional expertise to repair in an timely fashion call A.E.S. Fitness Corp.

Utilizing your managers time can be spent increasing your membership sales, or your Juice bar revenue, or your personal training income. It can free up your reps to become more valueable assets for your facility. The Goal is to make money and spend less and that is what you get when you hire A.E.S. Fitness to maintain and repair your fitness equipment.
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When working with our company the process is simple. We have a team of Certified Technicians, an Operations manager and myself (The Owner) Our reps are available via Phone, email or text message. Your rep contacts us and tells us the Brand, Model and Serial #. Tell us what the issue is and we will take it from there and take the steps to get the unit repaired in a timely fashion. Our first step would be to call the manufacturer and verify the warranty terms of the serial #. A lot of time the equipment is still under a Part and Labor warranty and this is not even known. Our goal is to Save You MONEY.

We will be on site with in 1-2 business days at the most. We will diagnose the issue and try to repair on the first visit. If parts need to be ordered we are the ones to call the manufacturer and do all of the leg work to get the part information. Once you (The gym owner) approves the part order, we will order the part for you. Once we receive it, we will return and repair. We make it simple for you and offer convenience. You don’t have to do a thing.


1) No Health Benefits
2) No Hourly wage, or base salary
3) No Workmans compensation or Liability insurance increase
4) Tax right off
5) CONVENIENCE: No waste of labor time for employees. Engage them in increasing your revenue, not decreasing their time and value, wasting MONEY.

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Adam Schwalb

George Sorensen
Operations Manager


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