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Preventative Fitness Equipment Maintenance That Saves You Time & Money

With over a decade of experience, we can seamlessly diagnose any problem affecting your fitness equipment and resolve the issues. You can rely on our team to offer maintenance services for your home gyms, commercial gyms, school weight rooms, hotel fitness centers, police and fire departments, and hospital fitness centers. Our team have the experience and expertise to service a wide variety of fitness equipment including treadmills, elliptical and spin bikes and strength training equipment.

Why Invest in Preventative
Gym Equipment Maintenance?

Longer Equipment Life

In most cases, you will overlook maintenance of your gym equipment from time to time. But if you don’t invest in maintenance, your equipment machines will not last long, and seeing that it cost a lot of money to replace you can extend the life of your equipment while saving money.

Improve Performance

Maintaining your fitness equipment regularly is essential in enhancing its performance. Our team will examine the machine for any obvious and noticeable tears or breaks. We listen to the machine to see if something feels or sounds off and then diagnose and repair the problem to leave your machine running smoothly.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Our preventive maintenance service will reduce downtime. We will improve overall equipment and system reliability so that your machines continue to run uninterrupted and keep your fitness center safe and productive for all members.

What’s Included in our
Fitness Equipment Maintenance Service

An Audit of Your Fitness Equipment

We audit your fitness equipment including performing in-depth testing to diagnose any issues. As part of the process, we ensure we inspect all aspects of your equipment, including smart screens on your cardio equipment to see if they are faulty, whether fitness mats are in tip-top condition, if the rowing machines are in good condition, or if the weights are perfectly calibrated. We will also have to check other equipment like Cross Trainers and treadmills to see if they produce any strange noises or have reduced performance because of wear and tear.

Premium Gym Equipment Repair

We are a leading gym equipment repair and maintenance company providing premium services to the residents of Virginia. With the know-how that comes with years of experience in the industry, we are more than capable of taking care of all your fitness gym equipment repair and maintenance needs for commercial and home fitness centers. Not only do we increase the lifespan of your fitness equipment, we also make it look good as new.

Fitness Equipment Maintenance & Preventative Care

We lead the way in terms of quality, reliability, and professionalism. Our main objective is to strive to keep your fitness equipment in full working order as well as increase the longevity of each piece in your fitness center. Our maintenance and preventative care is tailored around the type of the equipment and your overall needs. We also offer our clients various incentives that will benefit your fitness facility and help you save money you would otherwise have used in repairs. Our rates are also competitive and our team of skilled and professional technicians is unrivaled. We provide services to both gyms and residents in Virginia.

Why Choose US to Maintain Your Fitness Equipment?

    • Our Experience

      For over a decade, customers have recognized us for the unparallel level of fitness equipment maintenance and service we offer. From instant response times to licensed and certified technicians, our mission is to offer you with the best service experience you will ever find anywhere in the fitness industry.

    • Our Expertise

      Our team consists of manufacturer-certified and licensed technicians that are trained to fix your fitness equipment fast and appropriately. We have years of experience successfully servicing and maintaining a wide variety of gym equipment makes and models.

    • We prevent issues before they occur

      Just as with any equipment, the right time to catch a problem with your gym equipment is before it happens. With that in mind, we provide preventative maintenance services to our clients to prevent issues before they occur. By proactively servicing and maintaining your gym equipment before the need comes, you maximize the lifespan and minimize the cost of repairs.

    • Our in-house technicians

      At AES Fitness, we don't outsource the service function of our business to a third party. Rather we attract great minds and industry veterans with many years of experience in fixing and diagnosing gym equipment issues and add them to our team. Doing this allows us to take charge of the process and earn a reputation as one of the leading fitness equipment maintenance and repair service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of technicians regularly attends training with different fitness equipment brands to maintain OEM certifications as well as make sure they are well-trained on the newest models.

We will schedule your service visit in the shortest time possible. Generally, our waiting time does not exceed three days, depending on the extent of the work.

Maintenance times can vary depending on the type of fitness equipment you have as well as the nature of the service required.