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Keiser M3 Spin Bike


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Product Description

The innovative M3 is engineered to meet the advancing and ever-changing needs of the indoor cycling industry. The M3 is Keiser’s pioneering, third-generation, indoor cycle – the result of over a decade of manufacturing experience and research, and developed in conjunction with the cooperation and feedback of trainers and facilities worldwide. By utilizing a revolutionary new magnetic resistance system, the M3 delivers a superior ride which feels just like an actual road bike.

Keiser is leading the way in the new indoor cycling revolution with the M3. With its smooth, quiet and consistent resistance, the M3 is guaranteed to feel completely different from any other bike you have ridden before.

The Keiser M3 is Virtually Maintenance Free! Consider what you pay in costs over the life of an indoor cycle. How much time does it take to repair? What are the costs of parts and labor? How long will the cycle last? All these extras add up, affecting your bottom line.

The Keiser M3 is engineered specifically to keep maintenance costs down. Built tough, long-lasting and extremely durable, the M3 is virtually maintenance free. The M3 incorporates anti-corrosive materials, a drive belt that requires no adjustments, and no moving parts. All you have to do is keep it clean!


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