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2 piece Selectorized Strength Package (Cybex and Life fitness)

REGULAR PRICE : $1,000.00  SALES PRICE : $800.00 

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Product Description

Cybex Eagle Arm Extension
Cybex Eagle selectorized strength line is the evolution of superior technology combined with a passion for fitness. There is no comparable strength line in the industry – Eagle is beyond the other’s best. Starting with exhaustive research in human biomechanics and applying the Cybex heritage in sports medicine, Eagle is the ultimate way to “faster fitness results”. Second Generation Dual Axis Technology utilizes advanced patented Dual Axis Technology to provide user defined motions as well as diverging path motions. Independent arm motion encourages symmetrical strength development. Torso pad provides stabilization and adjusts for user differences.

Curvilinear movement is uniquely designed for safety
Dual Axis Technology
Independent movement
Diverging path of motion
Weight stack:205lbs
Length=119cm (41″)
Width=119cm (51″)
Height=152cm (60″)
Machine weight w/ stack: 539lbs

Life Fitness pro 1 back extension
Over 60,000 pieces of Pro i strength equipment have been installed worldwide. Built to last, this complete line offering is engineered with the expertise that has made Life Fitness a global leader in advanced strength equipment. Stainless steel in high-wear areas to eliminate rusting. Thermpolastic rubber grips for extreme durability. Self Lubricating weight stacks with sealed bearings. Five-position adjustable start mechanism caters to individual range of motion or physical limitations Two non-slip foot positions appeal to different user sizes Lumbar pad helps users easily find correct position relative to axis of rotation

Range of motion limiter accommodates individual flexibility.
Shock dampening system at extension limit.
Seat belt for better stability.
Adjustable footplate with holddown.
Adjustable back roller pad.
Cables: 7×19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable meets U.S. military specifications
Adjustments: Gas-assisted springs (where applicable) make seat adjustments quick and easy
Cushioning: Contoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability
Foot Platforms: All foot platforms are molded rubber with a slip-resistant texture
Frame Description:Standard rubber feet protect base of the frame and prevent the machine from slipping; Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability; 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
Hand Grips: Grips retained with aluminum collars, preventing them from slipping during use; Hand grips are an extruded thermo rubber compound that is non-absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant
Weight Plates And Guide Rods: 7/16″ (11 mm) diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to stack to prevent loss; Solid-steel weight plates. Top weight plate is fitted with self-lubricating bushings; Incremental weight system is integrated on top plate. Simple turn of dial allows users to select 5 lb (2.5 kg), 10 lb (5 kg), or 15 lb (7.5 kg) weight increments for gradual increase in resistance
Length: 40″
Width: 48″
Height: 65″
Machine Weight: 595lbs


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