I can’t stress this enough…

When you start a company from nothing you are striving to deliver excellence in customer service. When you are established and have built a big name brand and are on top of the game this should not change. It is incredible to me to see companies lose their whole sense of being because of corporate procedures and people that have no clue or have no care to do what is truelly Right by the customer. As long as they meet their bonus, or as long as “Procedure” is followed…come on now it is all bs at the end of the day you know why??? Because if you still have unhappy customers your “Procedures” don’t mean sh*t. You are not providing your customers what they deserve! Your product is great but your service SUCKS…Time to GET BACK TO BASICS… No More Reports…No More BS Numbers and Statistics. Are you customers happy with the service they have received? Ask yourself that question?

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