Equipment Maintenance

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A.E.S. Fit Tip Friday:

Today’s topic is equipment maintenance. The maintenance of equipment is extremely important and can save a lot money long term. As a gym owner your goal is to save money and waiting until that last possible moment to address the issues your equipment is having won’t save you money. It could lead to a total replacement of the equipment as well. Completing quarterly maintenance and inspections is so important. This will increase the longevity of the equipment and help determine if there are any issues with your equipment before they become big problems. The more equipment you have waiting to be serviced the less equipment there is for the members to use. Your members WILL find another gym with more equipment options.

Based on the age of the equipment will determine the maintenance schedule. Older equipment will need more maintenance and attention. Take care of your investment. Your Car, Home and Body needs maintenance. Why would it be any different for your Gym Equipment

Here are some signs that your equipment will benefit from routine check ups:

1. The treadmill belt is slipping and not lubricated, causing the unit to overheat and shut down.

2. There are noises while equipment is in use, could be loose hardware or dry belts and joints.

3. The treadmill is slowing down while in use, due to a worn belt.


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